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Anne ([personal profile] norwegianne) wrote2009-05-04 07:05 pm


It's kind of bad when I have less than a month left before my thesis is due - and I keep getting new ideas for fanfic. Granted, my thesis is fairly on track and looks okay at the moment, but still.

Looking through the Challenges at Twisting the Hellmouth to see if I find any I'd want to work on is probably not a good idea either. There were waaay too many.

I figure that after the thesis has been defended in June, I'm just going to take some time and write write write. Fortunately, by then, How I met your mother will have had its series finale as well, and I can spend the summer writing the story of Valentine's Day 2010 in Las Vegas. Or, Vagina Day as Barney has taken to calling it.

An hour in the gym earlier - I bought a HR monitor this weekend, which appeals to the geek in me big time - and I feel all fit and ready to take on the world. Starting with the rest of the examination of the thesis.
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Tell me about it - I'm supposed to be writing an RPG or two and I keep getting fanfic ideas instead.